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Physical Education is highly valued at Khalsa Community School and is seen as a vital bridge between academic and the physical nature of each school day.

At Khalsa Community School, we strive to realize the full potential of eacha and every child regardless of his or her abilit. The development of each child's strength, co-ordination, stamina, skill level and spatial/tactical awareness, runs parallel with the appreciation of fair play and the understanding of how to work and interact with others.

Physical Education is a subject whereby children learn not only to improve their own performance, but also to appreciate and respect the performances of those around them, engendering a feeling of well-being, fun and self-confidence.

The physical education department's teaching philosophy revolves around repect, cooperation, teamwork, effort, participation and most of all - Having fun!

The goal is to have everyone enjoy being active, and to remain fit and healthy.


Khalsa Community Schools Raptors Training:


For each Grade, from 3-8, we provide a range of sports and activities.


Ball Hockey
Basketball Cross-country
Dodgeball Floor Hockey
Gaelic Football Handball
Indoor Soccer
Mini-Soccer Relay Games
Skating Skiing
Skittle-ball Slamball
Soccer Soccer-Hockey
Tag games Tip Cricket
Tip Soccer Volleyball




Khalsa Community School has been accepted by the Small Schools Athletic Federation as a permanant member for the year 2014. 


The Year 2014


The Small School Athletic Federation was developed to provide small schools and/or independent schools with a definite avenue for, but not limited by, the expression of physical talents. The SSAf purpose is multi-fold. They want to provide girls and boys with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities at a higher level of skill than generally found in the intramural program. The SSAF also encourages students to participate in activities in a climate of fair play and sportsmanship.

The pursuit of physical excellence is encouraged but is not the ultimate objective. We aspire to instill in our athletes those qualities which enable them to lead socially able and physically fit lives outside of the educational environment. We wish to reinforce qualities of courtsey, sportsmanship and self-respect. It is our desire to instill an appreciation of and a realistic appraisal of the concepts of success and failure. We aim to combine satisfying interpersonal relationships with competition and offer a positive social environment in which one may pursue friendship and social responsibility. In short, sport is a medium through which we acknowledge the many capacities of the individual, and we reinforce these experiences which will bolster the rewards and satisfaction of total participation in each given school.


Khalsa Community School SSAF Sports Achievements


Indoor Soccer


Khalsa Lions
November 13, 2014
Elementary Boys
Silver Medal
October 30, 2014
Under 12 co-ed
Bronze Medal
October 29, 2013 Under 12 co-ed Bronze Medal
October 24, 2013 Elementary Girls
Silver Medal

Outdoor Soccer


Khalsa Lions
May 22, 2014
Under 12 Co-ed
Bronze Medal
April, 2014
Under 10 co-ed
Silver Medal


In School Sports Programs


Khalsa Community School Hockey League is an ongoing schedule based non-contact league. It is a fun and friendly league for grade 7 and 8. Next season the league will open up to expand and include grade 6 as well.

Khalsa Community School also has a skating program, during the month of February at the Terry Miller Arena, Brampton, for Grades 1-8.

Also, in March, there is the annual Ice Hockey Match, between Grades 7 and 8.

Throughout the year we also organize House Competitions in Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Floor Hockey, Gaelic Football, Ball Hockey, Extreme Hoopball and Handball.