KhalsaCommunity School
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Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



Our school motto is Simran, Sewa and Sadachar.


These three S’s are the guiding principles of Khalsa Community School. These are the values we wish to impart to each student. Under the guidance of caring and qualified teachers, our students are provided with a solid academic foundation. Students are intellectually stimulated, challenged and motivated in an environment where they can experience the joy of learning and build their self-confidence and self-esteem.


Simran — Meditation


While a structured approach to learning is the best way to grow academically, prayer is the best way to grow spiritually. Students at Khalsa Community School participate in daily prayer which strengthens their mind and enables them to focus and concentrate thereby improving their academic abilities. We believe that prayer allows students to reach their full potential and improve their self-image, imparting them with pride and confidence in the Sikh religion. We encourage our students to think independently, train their mind for spiritual growth and to become life-long learners.


Sewa — Selfless Service/Volunteerism/The Interaction and Concern for the World


As the world continues to change, our Guru's teachings have stood the tests of time. Community service and giving back to the community are principles that our students are taught. Students participate in community events, awareness campaigns and are encouraged to pay it forward. We believe that the concern for others, acceptance, appreciation and respect for others are valued assets in today’s world. Our students learn to treat others with respect, courtesy and dignity. We strive to demonstrate the value of sharing & selflessness and encourage students to develop a deep understanding of how to live in harmony with one another and our environment.


Sadachar — The Definition of Overall Character


We strive to instil our students with well-developed character sets and teach them to act responsibly, honestly and maturely. Assigning our students with the responsibility of homework, studying independently and the completion of their assignments, they are guided to accept responsibility for their own actions.